Core Ideology
  • WACEM will have an Ideology of "No Politics only Academics"
  • WACEM will have an Ideology which respects the "Academic Sovereignty" of every institution, individual, organization and nation in this world.
Global Mission
  • The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine will strive to improve the Quality of Patient Care for the Critically Ill and Injured by promoting High Quality Patient Care, Education and Translational Research across the Globe.
  • WACEM will strive to connect Academicians, Academies and Academic Organizations across the world in a non Political Manner and be their active voice to advance Emergency Medicine Sciences across the globe.
  • WACEM will strive to advance Academic Emergency Medicine and Acute Care Sciences in countries across the world.
  • WACEM will welcome Individual Academic Leaders, Academic Institutions, Academic Organizations and Academic Departments focused on Emergency Sciences and Acute Care to be a part of the mission.
  • WACEM will work with its leaders to build the Strength of Academic Interdisciplinary Medicine in Acute Care across Institutions and Organizations across the World.
Specific Goals